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Visit the sites below:

Foundation Dong Xi East West
The foundation aims to promote responsible use of Eastern and Western phytotherapy. They give practitioners the opportunity to bring out their ideas on ideological basis. This information is specifically for professional practitioners. The foundation accepts no responsibility for the content of its publications. 

A scientific site filled with information from the world literature (PubMed and Cochrane) on the value of the use of mushrooms. 

NVF information site (
The Dutch Association for Phytotherapy (= herbal therapy) has a site with reliable information on herbal medicines for everyone in a very user friendly environment. Highly recommended.

Kaiser Pharmaceutical Cy
The website of our manufacturer of dry extracts (dry decocts, granules), where you will find explanations about production methods, quality management and security. 

Mycology Research Laboratories
The site of MRL, producer of the line of mycological (mushroom) products which are available at the NatuurApotheek, contains a lot of detailed information: including research and application. 

Marco Polo Direct
The site of Marco Polo Direct acupuncture supplies, recently available at the NatuurApotheek. 

Doctors Association for Organic and Natural Medicine. 

The Dutch Association for Phytotherapy. 

MBOG - Society for the Promotion of Orthomolecular Medicine. 

Acupuncture - Dutch Medical Acupuncture Association - Information about traditional Chinese medicine such as acupuncture, ear acupuncture and herbal therapy, association of TCM doctors in the Netherlands. 

Belgian Acupunctors Federation - Information on Traditional Chinese Medicine, Association of TCM practitioners in Belgium, a lot of information. This site was completely renovated and improved in October 2012.


Association of acupuncturists and TCM practitioners in the Netherlands, a lot of information. 

Dutch Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine. 

Association for the Promotion of Alternative Medicine. 

The Association of Natural Medicine Therapists is one of the largest professional associations in the Netherlands in the field of natural medicine. 

The NWP, the "Dutch Group of Practitioners in Natural Medicine," is an organization of independent professional practitioners of natural medicine. 

Site of the Dutch Patients Association Acupuncture. An association dedicated to the interest of patients who prefer treatment by someone with knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine. 

International Journal of Phytotherapy and Phytopharmacology
patient/practitioner/research resource from the JCM website. A Chinese medicine/acupuncture research digest. It contains all the relevant research NEWS we have published over the last 13 years, Organized by subject. 

Subhuti Dharma Nanda
Subhuti Dharma Nanda has shared wisdom with others through articles his lifelong. This site has a huge number of his articles on a wide range of subjects concerning healthcare. 

Publication of the latest information about regular and additional - complementary - non-toxic treatments and remedies for the cancer disease. 

Reliable Cancer Therapies
This site gives you exactly what it says to give, even in the field of non-conventional treatments. 

Association of Users of Natural Thyroid
The name speaks for itself. Lots of information and links for therapists, but mainly for users of natural thyroid hormone. When you might want/need to use it and why.

For vets

Health Care Academy
Education for veterinarians in a.o. Phytotherapy and TCM on international level. 

International Veterinary Acupuncture Society
Also for herbal courses