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Dry Extracts / Extractum siccum (ES)


We distinguish:

  • Single extract
  • Composition
  • Tablets and capsules

Single extracts

The NatuurApotheek has a very large stock of single herbs in so-called dry extract form. The designation ES represents ‘extractum siccum’, Latin for dry extract. The strength of our extracts ranges from 10: 1 to 4: 1. Dry extracts are made from alcohol-water infusions.


Extracts of single plants are available as such, but most of these raw materials are used to compose a formula on order in our pharmacy. With single extracts, it is possible to make any desired composition.

Tablets and capsules

Although it is possible to deliver a dry extract in powder form, it usually is in the form of capsules or tablets, in relation to ease of use but also because of an accurate dosage.