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Chinese phytotherapeutics (TCM/TCG)

Beware of confusion in the realm of formulas!

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Custom made compounds

  • Dry Extracts (Granulates)  
    Our dry extracts are manufactured in Taiwan according strict quality guidelines (main supplier Kaiser Pharmaceutical). Independent laboratories in Taiwan, Belgium and Switzerland will test all these extracts on the absence of heavy metals, pesticides, aflatoxins and identity. Our range of granulates is the most extensive in Europe!
  • Liquid extracts (Hydrophilic Concentrates = HC)
    Our liquid extracts (Hydrophilic Concentrates = HC) are made in Belgium (Conforma NV, Destelbergen) according current GMP-standards and undergo a strict quality control from the purchase of raw plant-parts and raw materials till the end-products, which are checked for identity, quality, and the absence of heavy metals and pesticides. Our range of hydrophilic concentrates is the most extensive in Europe!
  • Raw herbs (hb)
    Our raw herbs come from pharmaceutical wholesalers or suppliers for pharmaceutical wholesalers. Again, quality is paramount: all herbs are selected on the highest quality and are checked in a European laboratory for identity and security.
  • Tablets
    A wide range of formulas is provided in the form of tablets or capsules. Tablets shall have fallen apart in about 15-20 minutes. Also capsules must have released their active principles for absorption within that time. Incidentally, all of the other (also individual) formulas can be brought in capsule form. By default, our tablets and capsules contain 500mg of active ingredients. The tablets weigh 600mg, of which 100mg are fillers and adjuvants (cellulose, vegetable magnesium stearate, silica).



In this way, quality and compliance are monitored and insured by pharmaceutical laboratories. From these raw materials it is possible to create a wide range of dosage forms: capsules (*), tablets (*), syrups, creams, ointments, suppositories, enemas, etc. Important: some patients can or may not have oral dosage form. Or it is preferred that the medication exposes after passing the stomach. In such cases, the NatuurApotheek offers several individual alternatives. Feel free to ask us. Also, vaginal and anal administration, shampoos, eye, ear and nose drops and plasters are possible. 


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