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 AOV develops, manufactures and provides a comprehensive range of orthomolecular supplements with proven results already for twenty years.

This is what AOV does

 AOV is a pioneer in the development of orthomolecular medicine. In close collaboration with the Foundation Orthomolecular Education (SOE) and by working in close consultation with a large number of doctors and therapists, AOV is capable of developing ever new disease-focused product formulas. AOV succeeds, despite strict legislation, to continuously introduce 'new' products that are of value to clinicians.

This you may expect from AOV
  • A high quality product offering (in total nearly 170 different nutritional supplements) without compromising the quality of raw materials
  • A comprehensive, affordable and complete basic range on behalf of a specialist and personal orthomolecular treatment
  • A wide range of unique complex preparations. A large number of diseases can thus be treated very effectively and at a client-friendly price
  • An ongoing quality control of the products by TNO
  • Extensive product knowledge at the sales staff
  • Clear product information for the therapist and the client
  • Specific therapeutic recommendations in telephone consultation.

AOV has ZI numbers

There are a number of insurance companies which have included in their supplemental insurance policy that they compensate alternative medicine and dietary supplements. The nutritional supplements are subject to the restriction that they are provided with a ZI-number. AOV has been conducting ZI numbers for all its products since many years. Click here for a list of Z-index numbers.

The next AOV products can be ordered with us

  • Vitamin
  • Multi Vitamins / Mineral
  • Amino acid
  • Fatty acid
  • Phytotherapeutic Product
  • Organ concentrate
  • Probiotic
  • Enzyme
  • Co-enzyme Q1
  • Preparations; e.g. Anti-Oxidant Complex preparations and Complex preparation
  • Test-se
  • Minerals